Impactful, thoughtful and long term change.



More than 30% of Egypt’s population lives below the poverty line. Deteriorating dust colored homes in roughly 1221 slums fill the Egyptian landscape. In a country so densely populated these conditions have a negative psychological effect on those living in them.

An alarming trend of depression within these slums is what inspired an NGO named Mashrou’ El Saada to take action. Believing in the positive power behind the science of color therapy, this group began renovating and adding a splash of color to the slums of Egypt.

The spread of fake Egyptian cotton is hurting the farmers who harvest the crop more than anyone else (by far). These farmers live in rural villages far from any schools or hospitals which makes life even harder. So we partnered with Mashrou Al Saada in an effort to renovate these villages and build for them, the institutions that they need.