Our Story

Having lived our whole lives around products commonly passed down from one generation to the next, the throwaway culture we found at big box retailers for everyday essentials didn't make sense.

We knew we can improve on the products that we rely on every single day and we knew we can make a better product by choosing to source better materials.

With a winning combination of naiveté, cautious optimism and a strong desire to make a difference we set out to create better basics for the home. Essentials that would endure with time, feel unbelievably soft and help sustain a remarkably historical crop.

Authentically Sourced

The cotton in our lustrous towels is harvested, hand-picked and woven all in Egypt then shipped straight to you.

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A Vibrant
Splash of joy

Every product that makes it from us to you will contribute to helping Mashrou El Saada (The Happiness Project) bring social change, community empowerment and happiness to those who need it.