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comfort comes first. clothes come second.

☁️ made purely from high-grade Egyptian cotton.

🥵 light, breathable and never overheats.

✌️double duty hoodie + deep, functional pockets.

👫 gender-neutral sizing: the perfect ratio of snug to loose.

⚒️ engineered to last a lifetime.

🌱we're friends with the environment! QIZ and Oeko-Tex certified.

💦 incomparably soft and quick-drying.

built to endure.

  • at Casamera we have a rich culture of meticulousness. from hand-picking individual cotton buds, to weaving every stitch in the fabric- making it stronger and more durable. this process of awareness is true to Egyptian craftsmanship.

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impactful, thoughtful and long term change;
one robe at a time.


more than 30% of Egypt’s population lives below the poverty line.

deteriorating dust colored homes in roughly 1221 slums fill the Egyptian landscape.

thats why every product that makes it from us to you will contribute to helping Mashrou El Saada (the happiness project):

a foundation that uses the science of color therapy to heal communities and

bring social change, community empowerment and happiness to those who need it.



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