comfort comes first. clothes come second.

✔️ made purely from high-grade Egyptian cotton

✔️ light, breathable and never overheats

✔️double duty hoodie + deep, functional pockets

✔️gender-neutral sizing: the perfect ratio of snug to loose

✔️ engineered to last a lifetime

✔️ we're friends with the environment! QIZ and Oeko-Tex certified.

✔️ incomparably soft and quick-drying


built to endure.

  • at Casamera we have a rich culture of meticulousness. from hand-picking individual cotton buds to weaving every stitch in the fabric making it stronger and more durable. this process of awareness is true to Egyptian craftsmanship.

save the crop, save your wallet

last year only 0.5% of the world's cotton came from Egypt.

thats a record low.

mislabeling by big box retailers has turned the most valuable cotton in the world into a rare commodity.

thats why we take care of the whole process: from harvesting the cotton to weaving, packaging and shipping them straight to you.

no middlemen, no BS = you get all the savings

Im In, Give Me Discounts.


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