We're On A Mission


Healthy shower routines don't need to come at a cost to our planet. We believe that by making the right choices with our daily routines, we can create lasting, impactful change.

Feel good, guilt-free 🤷

At Casamera we craft our bathroom essentials carefully and consciously. From sustainable manufacturing processes to ethical working conditions, we ensure every item is made with mindfulness and care for your daily routine.

change the world, with every shower 🚿

Our goal is to create products that will last you years to come and do it in the most sustainable way.

We use zero plastics in our packaging, zero chemicals that you can't pronounce, and only work with those that share the same mindset.

👣 Excessive laundry and energy waste leaves a giant carbon footprint and pollutes our water

♻️ Our wastewater is recycled, re-treated, and reused

🌱 Ingredients you can trust, with none of the icky stuff

🌊 Recyclable paper packaging = zero plastics that end up in our oceans

☀️ Using solar panels and frequency inverters we’ve been able to reduce power usage by 30%

⚡️ High efficiency machinery with a long life cycle is used at our factory to keep things running with minimum energy lost

We plant trees to help you breathe better and feel good about the products you use every day. We’ve set a goal of net-zero in carbon emissions by 2025. That equals to a whole lotta trees!