7 reasons NOT to back the Casamera robe Kickstarter campaign

You don’t care about investing in your well-being

If you don’t like to bother when it comes to self-care, then save your money and splurge on something else. Our bathrobes are great and will make any every-day activity so much more enjoyable but if you don’t care about any of that, then save yourself some money.

Wearing a bathrobe isn’t just for vacations, spas, or hotels. It feels like a luxurious splurge but can be easily added to your regular routine…once you own one, there’s no going back. Ask literally anyone that’s owned a bathrobe.

You like paying the full price

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t look at the price tag then by all means, no rush. Our robes will be available for sale on our website after our kickstarter campaign ends for the full retail price.

During the first 48 hours of the launch, we’ll be offering the robes for $60 OFF the retail price. This is a limited time offer and we can’t promise this sale will ever happen again.

You like fuzzy, heavy bathrobes

Some people like their bathrobes to weigh on them heavy, like a dental X-ray vest so we want to tell you straight up that this is not that kind of bathrobe. It’s not going to keep you warm in freezing temperatures nor is it an alternative to a weighted blanket.

The Casamera bathrobe is a breathable, ultra-cozy upgrade to leisurewear that will keep you warm indoors in the winter and keep you cool in the summer. It’s made from long-staple cotton so its seriously soft, absorbent and quick-drying but can’t compare with the plush-feel of Fleece or Terry.

We could have made it to be thicker and warmer but that would mean compromising on breathability and versatility, which we were not up for.

You don’t like hooded robes

We can’t really blame you for this one as it’s really just a matter of preference. It’s worth noting that out of our 800 or so testers, 722 preferred the robe WITH a hoodie. 132 of those were initially against it and after the testing period, said they actually prefer having it than not. Here’s some reasons why a hoodie is useful:

  1. Seamlessly dry your hair the healthy way (patting dry)
  2. Added warmth to your head & body
  3. Perfect for napping- whenever, wherever the mood strikes

You don’t enjoy unplugging

We take up to 35,000 conscious decisions a day, this not only exhausts our minds but affects our physical health as well. Digital distractions and growing tensions have made it harder than ever to completely disconnect and reach a deep state of relaxation and calm.

If you can’t rest you cant maintain the energy that you need to keep going. This makes it harder for your body to recover from workouts, injuries and the grind of everyday life.

The Casamera bathrobe promotes mindfulness and wellbeing: the full-body embrace feeling you get from wrapping yourself has been proven to boost melatonin and serotonin to help you achieve that deep rest and relaxation your body actually needs.

Put a robe on. Take the day off!

You don’t know how to take care of quality garments

This is a luxurious, meticulously crafted item of clothing that requires care. In return, The Casamera robe will serve you for a lifetime. Don’t wash it excessively, hang it to dry, and fabric softener is a no-no.

These rules are simple to remember and should be applied to any item of clothing that you care about and would like to last for longer than 2 months.

You like not having anything to wear on laundry day

A not-so-often mentioned benefit of owning a bathrobe is you can comfortably lounge around in a bathrobe all day If you forget to do laundry -judgement-free!

Wearing a bathrobe that looks as smart as the Casamera robe means you can take the dogs out for a walk, answer the Postmate at the door, check the mail, then get back to the mission at hand….embarrassment-free.


So there you have it, all the reasons you shouldn’t pre-order the Casamera bathrobe. If you read all of these and think they don’t apply to you, I encourage you to visit our Kickstarter campaign, watch the video and grab one for yourself.


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