Authentic Egyptian Cotton: what it is and where to (really) find it.

We’re all about authenticity. Truly, that's a promise made to you from us here at CASAMERA. So, let's talk about Egyptian Cotton, what it is and where to (really) find it.

While most of the world’s cotton is machine harvested, Egypt has remained devoted to delicate handpicking. This means there are fewer leaves, branches, and seeds getting in the way of softness (which makes for a more authentic and buttery soft product). So, no more gnarly bacteria-ridden towels that don’t do a good job of staying or keeping you dry. 

What exactly makes Egyptian cotton remarkably smooth and durable? We're gonna tell you. Don't worry. 

Satisfyingly Soft and Luxurious

Egyptian cotton is synonymous with luxury. The extra-long staple fibers of Egyptian cotton have a higher resistance and high absorbency rate. Being naturally soft, this cotton is perfect for towels, bedsheets, and just about any other home essential item. The plush yet durable feel of Egyptian cotton is why it is still the number one choice for many who dream of a world with endless, soft towels and sheets. 

But, hold up, the list of natural benefits doesn’t end there. Egyptian cotton grows better with age, no matter how many times you wash it. Pure cotton is naturally odor-resistant and machine-washable, meaning it is extremely durable and can keep you dry. 

What makes it so great?

The Nile Delta offers the most fertile land for the crop. Coupled with the unique climate of Egypt, this cotton has evolved to have extraordinary qualities.

Egyptian cotton is never without a constant supply of water, which helps the cotton grow longer, more durable individual fibers. 

How to Decipher 100% Egyptian Cotton

It’s not always easy to spot fake Egyptian cotton from authentic fabric.  The “100% Egyptian Cotton” label is one of the most ubiquitous in textiles. This muddies the waters. Like really muddies the waters. 

Due to disruptive government intervention and a rocky political standing, the production of authentic long-staple Egyptian cotton has been rapidly declining. Egypt went from producing 10% of the world’s total cotton in 1969 to reaching a record low of 38,102 tonnes in 2016.

If Egyptian cotton accounts for only 0.5% of all cotton production, why do we continue to see that 100% Egyptian Cotton label everywhere?

It’s pretty obvious, actually. The fact that it is becoming a rare commodity is encouraging suppliers and manufacturers to resort to fraudulent labeling. This, in turn, is hurting production and the farmers who harvest it.

Here at Casamera, we believe that better basics should come from quality and ethically sourced materials. You can count on us for quality and assurance because 100% of our products are long-staple Egyptian Cotton.

By supporting a local community of farmers and testing the cotton used in our towels, we can say that the material used in our lustrous towels is among the purest out there. Our cotton is harvested, hand-picked and weaved in Egypt then shipped straight to you. 

With love, from Egypt, 


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