Here's 5 ways to get in the zone while meditating

Like anything worth doing, meditation takes practice. So here is a list of ideas on where to start:

“Expecting to feel calm is a hindrance to actual meditation. The point of meditation is not to feel any specific way. The point of meditation is to see clearly whatever you're feeling so it doesn't own you” - Dan Harris


Step 1: Get comfortable. Sit or lay, however feels most comfortable for you.

Step 2: Take some deep, long breaths then just breathe normally, at your own pace.

Step 3: Don't try to force it, speed it up or slow it down. The objective is to try not to control anything, be an unbiased observer if you will.

Step 4: Close your eyes and let go of all outside thoughts. Let the breath guide you and start focusing on your breathing patterns. How they exit your nostrils and focus on your stomach and chest as it rises and falls. One by one.

Step 5: Continue to notice and focus on your breathing, noting the air traveling in and out of your body

Step 6: Optional: Use an app like Headspace or Calm for guided meditation. These can be a great tool for building a daily meditation habit. 

Helpful Tips: 

  • If you catch yourself wandering off into your thoughts, remember to return back to your breath.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, meditation is supposed to be a helpful technique.
  • As you practice, your attention will be trained to focus on where you want it to be; observing without getting caught up in all the thoughts and mental activity that's distracting you.

Meditate so you can be mindful throughout your day.  Thoughts are powerful and learning to control them can be life-changing.

You'll be surprised by how aware you become of your mental activity and how many thoughts your mind is processing. There are tons of platforms to begin with, apps like Headspace, Youtube channels like The Honest Guys and Noah Elkrief are awesome resources to help you begin your journey to mindfulness.

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