The one thing you need to level up your homebody lifestyle


I am someone that loves being home. I like being around my family, I like having access to my own things and most of all I like being comfortable.

It's important to realize that being comfortable, doesn't just mean staying still. It's about being able to silence the mind, and create space so that when crap inevitably hits the fan, you wont just react, you’re ready for it.

I've been in this game long enough that I've perfected the art of comfy surroundings. The key to being comfortable, really comes down to just one thing: finding that perfect blanket which will finally calm your @ss down

What kind of blanket you ask? Well, this bathroom essentials brand happens to be creating the blanket that has all the features you should be eyeing:


1. Its breathable // doesn't overheat


casamera blanket


Let's be real. It's impossible to fall asleep without a comfy blanket...or at least impossible to sleep comfortably. During the warm summer months, this becomes a problem because the last thing you’d want is to pile on more heat.

The warm summer months are bad enough. Piled on top of that, you need a comfy blanket to fall asleep? Forget about it!

The One Blanket is built differently. It’s designed with an open waffle-weave fabric to provide your skin with airflow. It regulates temperature so you get the perfect balance between a blanket and a cuddle partner. It’s the cool side of the pillow without the extra work (the last thing you'd want when getting comfortable is extra work)


2. Its versatile and easy to take care of


casamera blanket movie


Blanket use should never be constrained to the bedroom. Movie night is a perfect occasion to break out a blanket and a tray-full of snacks. After all, no couch is perfect without a neatly folded blanket within reach. Comes perfectly handy when you need extra seating at a dinner party!

The One Blanket is a must-have for travelers and homebodies alike. It folds and rolls perfectly so its easy to store and doesn't take up too much space. The sleek design means its perfect for travel and packing away to that staycation you’ve been putting off since the pandemic.

Throw it in the washing machine on a cold cycle and toss it in the dryer on a low tumble dry without fear of colors fading or fabric piling (read: less laundry more ZZZs)


3. Its made of ingredients you can trust


cotton gif


The Casamera Blanket is made entirely of long staple cotton and contains zero ingredients you cant pronounce. Long staple cotton is finer, softer and has a texture that’s smooth and luxurious all while being incredibly durable. This means that your blanket will continue to get softer and stronger with each wash and use.

Whats more is that our packaging will contain zero plastics or any harmful materials that end up in our landfill or oceans. We strictly use plant-based mailers and cardboard that is easily recyclable and reusable.


4. Comes with matching slippers


matching slippers casamera


The slippers are designed to be the perfect companion to the blanket. Go from couch to kitchen and back with zero compromises on comfort. They’re the blanket to your feet and suitable for all times you're vertical. They’re triple stitched with a suede sole for a sturdy grip and a tasty bounce you’ll feel with every step.


5. Makes you feel better

The One Blanket helps you feel better, stress less, and get more done as your mind becomes more relaxed. Its designed to weigh 6-12% of your body weight so it feels like a gentle hug from a warm, oversized waffle.

This increases the level of serotonin and melatonin- two neurotransmitters which can actually make someone feel good and relaxed.

Most importantly, Casamera is committed to crafting products with mindfulness and care for your daily routine. From sustainable manufacturing processes to planting trees to offset our carbon footprint- all so you can feel good, guilt-free.



casamera animation

6. Easy on your wallet

During the first week of the Kickstarter launch, we'll be offering the blanket for $90...that's 55.4% OFF the retail price. We can guarantee that this is the biggest discount we'll offer the blanket for, so make sure to back the One Blanket + Slippers by Casamera as soon as we're live on October 11th 2022.

If you're subscribed to the newsletter, you'll be the first to know when its live.

And if you’re the type of person that doesn’t look at the price tag then by all means, no rush. Our new blanket and slippers will be available for sale on our website after the Kickstarter campaign ends for the full retail price.


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That's it. If you're sold and would like to snag a blanket or slipper or two, consider making a pledge on Kickstarter when the project launches on October 11th

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